Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greek Yogurt FTW

My cum loads have nearly quadrupled in volume as of late, and it seems that Greek yogurt is mostly to thank.

My seminal fluids have always been on the light side. Sure, there have been occasions when I cum "buckets," but those times are usually a result of prolonged abstinence and preceded with high amounts of sexual stimulation.

The Time Piss Increased Volume
On St. Patrick's Day 2012, I drank my own piss between two rounds of masturbation. My second cum, which happened less than a half hour from the previous round, was even fuller than the previous cum. It blew my mind, as my loads always decrease by half in volume when my cums are so close together.

I considered that perhaps there is something to drinking piss that increases vitality... but drinking piss on a regular basis is not something to which I aspire. It was a test of faith.

Quite often, I fantasize about incorporating piss drinking into my sex life. Like eating cum, deep throating, and taking it in the ass, I wanted to show myself that I'm not asking my lover to do anything I myself wouldn't do.

Imagine my surprise when the seeming result of drinking my piss was one of the fattest cum loads in recent memory. Still, piss drinking is not a habit I aimed to adopt. It was a one-time experiment.

The Unattributed Change in Breakfast Diet
A few months ago, after much deliberation, I changed my breakfast food of choice: oatmeal.

It started on a quirk. My sons had started to drink smoothies. My younger son picked out some Zoi Greek yogurt Plain. I hesitated at first, thinking it cost three times as much as regular yogurt. But this brand was and continues to be sold at an outrageously competitive price.

There it was one morning. A nearly empty container of plain Zoi Greek yogurt.

I properly scraped the sides and added it to the rest at the bottom, beat it to a silky consistency and prepared to gag it down. It was plain after all.

Much to my surprise it was pretty tasty and energy surged through me throughout my morning. My belly didn't rumble with hunger until it was just shy of my regular work lunch break, some six hours later. With oatmeal, my gut would go off in under four hours. This was the moment I fell in love with Greek yogurt.

Since making Greek yogurt the bulk of my breakfasts, I've gone down a full belt notch and noticed an overall sense of increased vitality. Increased vitality on all levels. I will never know why I didn't make the connection between my increased cum loads and the Greek yogurt before reading about a study.

Big-balled Rats

I read about this study performed on rats, in which some were fed a diet of vanilla Greek yogurt. As a result, not only did the male rats who consumed the Greek yogurt show overall increased vitality, but they assumed a particular swagger and their testicles swelled. These male rats soon became the ultra-potent reproducers.

Click. Click. Click. Palm to forehead.

Why hadn't I made the connection? I mean, I'd been blown away by how huge my loads had been of late. My wife even noticed that I'd been filling her more fully lately.

The study cites the probiotics and possibly the live cultures found in Greek yogurt as the main factors in why it has this positive effect on vitality.

So thank you, scientists for pumping up those rat testes with a healthy diet of Greek yogurt and helping me learn why my loads are so huge these days.

*Note: This was originally posted about a month ago on my cum blog, He Cums To…, a blog I use to chronicle what, how, where, and to whom I ejaculate. That blog is set to private. If you have a driving desire to read He Cums To…, please contact me to discuss viewing permissions.

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