Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Makes a Girl Girlfriend Material?

On 8 June 2012, SiciliaCurves  asked me the question: What makes a girl girlfriend material? Here’s my answer:

There are several ways I could answer this question.

First, I’ll state that the majority of things that make a girl girlfriend material hold true for relationships in general. The traits that make anyone life-partner material are open communication, wholeness of being, empathy, shared or understood interests and worldviews, and a willingness to compromise. These traits transcend gender and are the foundations of any long-lasting relationship.

Then there’s one gender-specific trait that makes a girl girlfriend material, for me at least: refusal to use your gender as an excuse. Examples include: women who use their periods as an excuse to be nasty to others in their life; women who cite their being a woman for not doing particular tasks like taking out the garbage; and women who cite being a woman for superficial or costly habits like spending hours primping before they leave the house.

And for me, there are a whole slew of physical as well as personal and sexual lifestyle choices that would make one girl more girlfriend material than the next. And each factor affects my choices differently. For instance, I tend to prefer big women but would choose a skinny lover over a big woman if the skinny one was far more confident and exhibited a more sexually adventurous and open spirit than the big one.

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