Monday, July 16, 2012

Amendment: Not All Asian Women Cry

On 17 December 2011,  I wrote about the reasons my Asian fetish faded. Wanting to get back to masturbation basics, I pulled out some of my old Asian porn. After falling hard for the enthusiasm of a Filipina American pornstar (Jade Marcela), I realized that my previous assertion regarding female Asians during sex was flawed.

My Previous Assertion
The key point that needs amending is the one in which I claim that "sex looks tortuous for them."  The observation is still valid to a point. I still notice that Japanese, Korean, and Chinese women tend to look as if they're crying when they have sex. For some men, this is part of the appeal. It helps them to believe that it’s a cultural thing. I just can’t seem to get past it even though I like to spank my partners till they cry on occasion.

The Flaw in My Previous Assertion
After watching Jade Marcela, the Filipina pornstar I fell for, I suddenly flashed back to all those videos I’ve watched and noted that women from from tropical regions of Asia are a whole different story. Filipinas, Vietnamese and Thai. They all seem to have a more proactive approach to sex. Hence, the amendment.

The Amendment
On this day, the fifteenth of July two-thousand twelve, I do hereby amend my previous assertion that “sex looks tortuous for them,” “them” being women from Asian countries. I hereby amend said statement to “sex looks tortuous for women from non-tropical Asian countries. For the women of the tropical Asian countries, sex is something to revel in and rejoice.”

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