Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do you remember the first time you saw an anal scene in porn?

Someone on Formspring asked me the following: Do you remember the first time you saw an anal scene in porn?

Here was my response:

I still remember the first time I saw an anal scene. It was a scene with Elle Rio, a long-haired, lanky Brazilian(?) pornstar who was relatively active in the scene circa late-1980s early-1990s.

My then-girlfriend-now-wife and I found sexually kindred spirits in my uncle and his wife. They were both fuck freaks too. So my uncle loaned me a few of his porns and the first one I put in starts on a scene that caught me off guard.

The VHS tape started midway through a scene that put me straight into a close-up penetration shot. At first I thought I was watching vaginal penetration. Then I did a double take.

I remember so many details about that moment. I remember that I was in my now-wife and my second apartment. I remember the threaded tan couch and the end table with my TV and VCR and the scraggly poinsettia next to the television. I remember leaning forward from my inclined jerk-off position to verify what my eyes were seeing.

Then the camera zoomed out.

There was no doubt about what I was seeing. This was the mother lode. I’d seen plenty of oral followed up with pull-out finish penetration. But anal? Wow! It was right there in my face and I needed to do it to my now-wife. Unlike that tall, lanky, deeply tanned Brazilian so feverishly riding that other cock and greedily taking in every inch up her ass, it took several years before I could pound my now-wife in the asshole.

In the end, it took my now-wife and I leaving the state to start an epic backpacking trip to get this one porn tape back to my uncle. I’d only be guessing if I said how many times I jerked it to that scene. Let’s just say that section of the tape starting experiencing playback issues by the time my uncle got it back.

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