Friday, July 20, 2012

Flash Fiction – Like a Balloon

Note: This is the first of my Flash Fiction postings. I am not participating in a particular meme, simply writing Flash Fiction. Only those imaginative writings that do not exceed 750 words will be considered and posted as Flash Fiction. These writings will not come out on scheduled days, but they may be scheduled posts.

“He warned me that his cock was really big. Scary big. I told him the bigger the better and he frowned and got all serious. ‘Do you know how many times I've heard a chick say she loves to fuck huge dick only to be left to jerk it because I hurt her too much?’

“I told him I could handle him in me. He insisted that I look first, and he was fucking huge. Hugest I've seen in ages.  I told him I wasn't scared, but I was so totally freaking out. He told me he wasn't even fully hard. ‘Look, only way I'm leaving here with you is if you promise I can fuck you like I want. I finish inside you, not by hand. Can you commit to that?’

“I said yes. I even told him he had ultimate permission. Even if that meant he had to rape me to finish off the way he wanted. He didn’t believe me, and made me say the words: ‘I give you permission to ignore me when I say no. I give you permission to ignore my tears and to get turned on by them. I give you permission to take me against my will. I give you permission to rape me thoroughly.’ And he made me record it with my phone’s camera.

“He wasn't kidding. He was massive. It took two hands to wrap around him. It hurt so bad at first. My pussy wasn't exactly cooperating. After a couple minutes, I just couldn't take it and started to try and control his plunges. He kept pushing my hands away and reminding me of my promise. I just couldn’t take it though. That’s when he must have thought I was about to stop us altogether because he started pounding me. Well, try to pound me anyway.

“My insides felt like they were on fire as he stabbed at me, and I couldn’t see anything except white. He didn’t exactly make much progress, only four inches at most.

“It felt like he was rearranging my insides. It hurt so fucking bad, I started crying and begging him to stop for a second, just a second. I tried to squirm away, but that's when he pinned me and really started to pound me extra hard and yelled, ‘Not this time. Not again.’

“I swore his dick was going to kill me.

“Then it happened. My pussy opened wide and he went in to the hilt. Afterward he said it felt for him like the sensation you experience when you don’t realize there’s one more step.

“For me...well, the best way to describe it is like a balloon. You know how when you're blowing up a balloon and it resists your breath, not budging in the slightest? Then all of a sudden it expands with no effort and seems happy to continue expanding until it explodes? It was like that. Except I soaked his crotch when my pussy finally broke the resistance threshold.

“His eyes about flew out of his head when he felt his pubic bone hit mine. He later told me he's never been even close to balls deep inside anyone before. Once I achieved full stretchability, he wound up fucking me four more times before I left.

“Each time, he told me he had to get me as much as possible because he didn't know if he'd ever find such a cooperative pussy again. I told him he didn't need to worry about that because my pussy's his whenever he wants it.

“Ready to feel how big he is, lover?” She asked her husband.

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