Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TMI Tuesday: 17 July 2012 - Daring

This week’s TMI revolves around the central question: What are your 50 shades?

1. I enjoy the idea that my partner wants to inflict pain on me that:
a. makes me curious
b. is titillating and sexually arousing
c. that leaves me screaming and/or crying because that’s the way I like it

b. is titillating and sexually arousing.
2. Do you like being forced to dress or act in a way that is humiliating? If yes, please describe. If no, why not?
I don’t like being publicly humiliated, but in the days when my cuckolding fetish was going full bore, I loved being told humiliating things during sex. Such humiliating words included “your dick is pathetic,” “I can’t even feel you inside me,” “I would rather fuck [fill in blank] than you any day,” and “I hate you, you pathetic loser.” I never did figure out if it was the humiliating words, the irony of the words (knowing they weren’t really meant), or a combo of both that most aroused me.
3. Do you like seeing bruises, scars, or marks that were caused during sex on either you or your partner? What kind of marks?
Absolutely, I do. On myself, bruises from where my lover has held tight, scratch marks, or hiccies all are exciting to view on my flesh. On my partner, pretty much any marks left over except those on the face are exciting. My wife bruises fairly easily, so quite often I see proof of her sexual liaisons with others via bruises on her upper arms and legs where she was obviously pinned down. During her strongest slut phase, I loved the carpet burns she seemed to constantly have on the lowest part of her back.
4. Would you like to be forced to do sexual things that you don’t necessarily like to do? Yes or No.
Yes, depending on the person and the act.
5. Do you want to be forced to watch your lover with someone else? Yes, No or It depends.
No such thing as forcing me to watch my lover with someone else. I love and crave it. It doesn’t happen even a fraction as much as I’d prefer.
6. What dirty (sometimes inappropriate) things do you like to say to your sexual partner?
I like to call her a worthless whore, or tell her that she should she’s nothing but property for all to use whenever and however they wish. Both make her cum instantly.
Bonus: Finish this statement: I like being powerful in bed because __________ .
I like being powerful in bed because it turns my wife on to be overpowered.

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  1. We know of quite a few people who really get off on the humiliating pillow talk that you describe in #2. We find it fascinating, as it's not a turn-on for either of us.

    In your answer to #3, we liked your mention of your wife being pinned down. I frequently pin Jill down, though I've never noticed bruises on her upper arms or wrists where I usually hold her. Not that I do it for the sake of leaving marks, but she must not bruise easily.

    Great answer to #5. I wouldn't say that I crave or even really want to watch Jill with another guy, but if she was into it - i.e., if she was really getting pleasure from it - I would be glad to watch. So I found this question strange; if I was being forced to watch her it must mean that it's happening against her will. Now that would be a turn-off for me.