Saturday, July 28, 2012

your most epic fake orgasm (sic)

I was asked the poor-formed Formspring question some time back: your most epic fake orgasm

Here, the long version of my response:

How do you know I've ever faked an orgasm? That's mighty presumptuous of you. To be quite honest, though, I have faked a few orgasms in my day. No small feat for a man, let me tell you.  I’d have to say that my most epic faked orgasm would be the one that still remains vivid to me even after a decade-plus...

Raquel and I  started in doggie, and I actually came really quick. Within a few minutes while in backstroke, she rocked forward a bit too far and I slipped out. When I went to re-enter her, I hit the side of her labia instead and instantly shot my load all over the bed below her. She either didn’t notice the blown load or didn’t care, because she reached back and shoved me back inside her.

I hoped that I would just stay hard, like I had done a few times in the past. Huzzah! Sure enough, my cock stayed stiff and only got stiffer. I lasted for about another ten minutes before I started to limp to only three quarters stiffness at the most.

Then it’d get hard all over again, especially as she lay there with rivulets of sweat pouring down her face, her face half-smashed into the bed, her lips plumping as they hung from her face, her strawberry blond red hair soaking, her hand reaching around and fingering her butthole. First one, then four of her fingers Then she suddenly slides off my cock, grabs it halfway down and guides it in an inch before slamming down to the base of my dick in one thrust and letting out a loud moan, arching her back. I held her head into my chest. As she grew accustomed to me inside her, as she caught her breath and came back to this plane of existence, she turned her head to mine and we kissed deeply. When we broke, she said, “I want you to cum all over my ass.”

And that’s how it began. After having already pussy fucked her for nearly an hour, fucking her asshole alone would result in a failed cum after another straight two hours of pounding.

About a half hour into it, I just thought I might have actually blown. I started to feel that signature rise, like I would blow my load within minutes. Then she jumped off my dick and went over to her dresser and threw a condom at me. “What the fuck?” she said. “I thought we agreed you’d use a condom.”

Condoms and me. Yeah. It’s my great weakness. I think maybe once or twice I’ve managed to maintain a full erection when wearing one. Then there’s the fact that this was a new change in the dynamics in our sexual relationship. For two months, we went bareback all the way. It was only recently that she had wanted to use condoms, and it was all because she worried about how unsafe a slut my wife was. (At the time, my wife averaged nearly ten new dicks a month, all but a couple bareback and most ending in creampies.) Raquel and my wife were best friends, and we were in an informal triad. But back to the faked orgasm.

I shit you not, I spent the next hour fucking her asshole with not even a hint of an ejaculation. Then the condom broke and I kept going. Her asshole felt like it was on fire. By this time, she had moved us into a bathroom because my wife and another guy came into the room and started to fuck beside us. Raquel had a specific fantasy she wanted fulfilled and they were disrupting that fulfillment. So, here we are in this darkened bathroom. She’s hugging the toilet as I bang away. She had one orgasm during that time. It was intense.

All Raquel’s orgasms were intense. She usually would shove her lover off and crawl away. A touch anywhere on her body would send her flying out of her skin. It typically took a full five minutes to wear off, then she was always ready for more. That’s what made this encounter kind of extra special.

Well, here I am, balls deep inside her without a condom, her asshole’s tight around my cock. Her whole body’s tight. Her right hand is clutching my right ass cheek, pushing me in as deep as possible, her fingernails digging in to my flesh. Her back arches, my left hand placed tight over her mouth, her left arm flying wildly in the air. She holds me tight inside her, tells me to stay as still as a statue. The slightest adjustment I make drives her apeshit. After a solid five minutes, her hips start to gyrate in ever greater circles until we’re banging away harder than ever.

There above her sink in that dark bathroom, I watched the clock pass through another hour. Her asshole was so relaxed at this point, so soaking wet, that there wasn’t even a slight dry patch to offer some much needed friction. In those days, I needed some tightness to get off. That and a high pace of fucking, fast and furious. That’s precisely what Raquel was getting this night. One of my finest moments of marathon fucking.

Well, here I am into the fourth hour of fucking and I know there’s no cum in the near future. Could I really continue fucking her for the next few hours? And how long could I continue to fake wearing a condom? 

Fuck that, I thought and went ahead and worked up spit, a lot of spit. It took about ten more minutes of fucking before I could fill my mouth about halfway full. I built up to an intense pace, faking the last moments of orgasm. I continued the facade after pulling out by pretending to snap off the condom just before letting the spit fly. She went crazy for the “load.” She kissed me deep, then we went back to her room for a nap.

I’ve faked quite a few cums, especially when wearing a condom. But this was the only time I felt the need to fake the ejaculatory fluids, thereby earning it the distinction of most epic faked orgasm.

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