Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Myths about Women’s Orgasms

It irks me when people make sweeping statements about all of a gender as though it were an absolute truth. Sex is one of these contentious areas.

No woman gets actual physical pleasure from sucking dick, right? Taking it in the ass feels good but she can’t cum from taking it in the backdoor only, isn’t that correct? And any woman who tells you that she can orgasm from penetration alone is lying?   Not exactly.

Granted, the majority of women would agree with these statements. After all, it’s based on their experience, beliefs, and practices. It’s a rare woman who can cum in all of these supposed mythical ways.

In this post, I shall share my own myth-busting experiences with penetration, anal, and blowjob only induced womanly orgasms.

Penetration Only
Many times when my wife and I fuck, she cums within the first few thrusts. Most of the time, she averages all of 45 seconds before she has her first orgasm, and it’s from penetration only. Then there’s the woman to whom I gave my virginity: the prostitute. She told me before we started that she rarely cums, so I should just let myself bust when I felt it coming on. I never came during our hour of nonstop fucking, but she busted multiple times. After the first fifteen minutes, she came consistently from penetration alone an average of once every ten minutes.

Anal Only
My wife and I once had a red headed girlfriend who could only manage to get off from anal alone, and it wrecked her every time. It took her at least 15 minutes to recover, a mere touch to any part of her body sending her screaming out of her skin. She was the only woman I met who could cum from anal alone, but during my own experience of fucking my own ass with dildos, I’ve cum many times from merely taking it in the butt.

BJ Only
My Japanese former girlfriend was giving me the blowjob of my life, when she stopped. My cock buried down her throat, she snuggled her face in my pubis mons and her whole body shuddered. I felt her pussy spray the bed and my feet in the process. She took a bit to snap to, but when she did, she backed her mouth right off my cock and shoved it in her pussy and asked me to fill her up. Her pussy was saturated.

In Conclusion
I concede that the ability to cum from penetration, anal, or BJ sex alone eludes the strong majority of women. However, denying these forms of orgasm are possible and relegating them to the realm of myth creates division and tension. Take for example the inspiration for this post, a recent Twitter argument that resulted in some major online ugliness.

This woman declared how much she loved that she could cum from giving blowjobs. Most of her followers called her a liar, a man pretending to be a woman, and most vitriolic of all, a traitor to women everywhere. Because no woman could possibly enjoy giving head, let alone having an orgasm while administering the one-sided form of pleasure that is known as a blowjob, right?

Remember, just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

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