Saturday, September 8, 2012

About My TMI Tuesday Participation

A couple weeks ago, I made a conscious decision to discontinue reporting and pointing to my TMI Tuesday responses. I've made this decision for multiple reasons:

  • I'm not in it for the eyeballs or to make new friends; I just like to answer the questions.
  • If my aim was to gain followers and subscribers, this endeavor was a big fat fail. The only time this blog is read by TMIers is when they follow my posted links on the TMI blog. They don’t read or comment on any of my other posts.
  • I don’t always care for the questions.
  • I'm often late in posting responses. It doesn't help that I live on the West Coast. By the time I've posted, nobody's returning to look for stragglers' posts.
  • Nearly none of the other respondents visit to read my responses. After reading other responses, I'm fairly certain it's because I'm a bit too extreme in my tastes and honesty.
  • I'd only be doing it for Jack and Jill and occasionally for Hedone. They are the only ones who seem to care enough to read and comment. Then again, they are the forces behind TMI Tuesday.

So while I love TMI Tuesday and plan to continue answering the questions, I'm going to discontinue posting a link to my answers on the TMI Tuesday blog.

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