Sunday, October 14, 2012

For Too Many, Lesbianism Is Trendy and Avoidant

Scientific research has identified genes that make people predisposed to homosexuality. For a great many lesbians, their homosexuality is due to their genes; they just prefer those of their own sex. But for quite a few other lesbians, it’s a choice based on some less-than-worthy, non-genetic reasons.

When it comes to homosexuality, gay men tend to be far more genuine than lesbians. Of course, this is an overreaching generalization, but there is little to contradict the statement.

Between the copious material and perspectives shared online and the many examples in the live action world, many examples abound that illustrate that gay men follow their desires versus declaring their homosexuality from a much more close-minded or psychologically damaged perspective.

Penile Disgust
One of the most close minded reasons that lesbians cite for the reason that they only play with other women is that they think penises are disgusting. Some bi-curious women or women who have decided to become lesbian after years of being hetero lament that the woman they've set their sights on for her first lesbian lover has rejected her for one reason, and one reason only: she has had a penis inside her.

What makes this penile shunning so ironic is that so many of these same women employ penetrative techniques that essentially simulate penile penetration, complete with the use of dildos and strap-ons. So in essence, for these types of lesbians, it’s not the penis they find disgusting but the male attached to it.

Gay Male Inverse: This is one of the few similarities between some lesbians and some gay men.  However, a lot of these same gay men are willing to overlook and forgive their lover’s past “indiscretions,” whereas most lesbian women with this anti-penis agenda have a very hard time moving past it.

Bigoted Views of Males
Our current culture treats lesbianism with a wink and a smile while puking a little in its mouth at the mere thought of gay men, unless they’re selecting a person’s new attire or decor. Perhaps, this is why so many lesbians find it acceptable to not only express disdain for men, but to cite male inferiority at pleasing women sexually and emotionally as the reason they prefer women. Then there’s the just plain bigoted view that men are inferior in general, for no other reason than that they have a dick.

Fear of Males
Now for the psychological, there are quite a few women who choose lesbianism out of a fear of males. It’s understandable that a woman who has been cloistered and filled full of scary ideas about men would be either intimidated by or downright frightened of men. It’s understandable that a woman who has been raped or molested by men who she should have been able to trust would want to distance themselves from men. Being with another woman can help them discover that sex doesn't have to be a cause of stress. But unless a person faces their fears head on, they will never grow beyond their negative experiences and into the strong beautiful person they are meant to be. We can either choose to remain anchored to our pasts, or move beyond into our future without trepidation.

Bad Past Hetero Relationships
How many times have women professed to giving up on men and “going lesbian” as the answer to their relationship woes? It’s like a banner cry for way-too many women out there. In fact, rare is the time you hear a male make such a declaration, likely because it’s still seen as pretty icky to be a gay male in most cultures.

The thing about relationships is that they are not gender biased. If a person has had problems keeping together their past relationships, switching the sex of the person she dates is not going to resolve the problems. If the same problems keep surfacing, it’s a good indication that the problem is the person not the partner. Instead of dating the same hot piece of no-necked, beer-swilling, football-watching piece of eye candy over and over and expecting him to be different than the guy before, try dating someone totally different. If that’s a woman and you’re into her for her and not the absence of a Y chromosome, great! Pursue her.

Shock and Rebellion
Homosexuality is rapidly losing its power to shock parents and relatives in most parts of the Western world. However, in certain regions, homosexuality is as scandalous as ever. This is where some women decide they want to shock their parents or rebel against them chooses lesbianism as the shock du jour. Not because she’s genuinely interested in other women, but because she knows little else will stick in the craw of her kin quite like being a lesbian.

Facebook Lesbians
Now here’s a reason for lesbian activities that even lesbians rail against: Facebook lesbians. These are the girls who want to be sexy by posting photos of them making out with, groping, or posing in otherwise sexually provocative positions with other women on Facebook and other social networks. They rarely go beyond that and stick to their voyeuristic demonstrations of lesbianism. It’s okay to do this from time to time, but when women’s walls are dominated with such pictures but they’re not actually lesbian, it’s a bit offensive, much for the same reason as someone posting photos of themselves in black face.

For the Thrill
Normally, pursuing some particular form of sexuality for the thrill of it shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. However, if a person seeks their thrills at the expense of another’s heart, they are being reckless. Many are the stories of heartache from lesbians who have been used by yet another straight girl who thought she wanted to be lesbian just to turn around and dump her new lesbian love toy as soon as she tires of her and moves on to something or someone else. For this reason, it’s important to declare intent from the start.

In Conclusion
There are many genuine homosexuals out there, people who are authentically attracted to and prefer to be with members of their same sex. Some are experimenting to try to figure out which sex they prefer, if not both (or all, if they appreciate mixed and fluid genders). Then there are those who engage in homosexuality from some misdirected or trendy perspective.

Unfortunately, many lesbians declare and engage in homosexuality out of fear, disgust, some previously bad hetero relationship, or for kicks. Conversely, most gay men pursue other men out of genuine desire and preference.

Pursuing lesbianism because it’s trendy or because it seems like a safe harbor from scary heterosexual relationships are some ways that women diminish the strides toward legitimacy made by those in the homosexual community. If a person is or feels homosexual, has a genuine preference for the same sex, has an authentic curiosity about being with someone with a shared chromosome pairing, or is just generally into pursuing homosexual encounters, then those are strong, healthy reasons to pursue homosexuality. And then there's the best reason of all - <3 love="love" p="p">

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