Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TMI Tuesday: October 30, 2012 - The Long and the Short of it

Thank you Erotic Adventures in Brisneyland for the following TMI Tuesday questions.

1. What is the longest relationship you have been in?
Approaching our 18th wedding anniversary with two years together before marriage, twenty years with my wife is easily the longest relationship I have been in.
2. What is the shortest relationship you have been in?
The shortest relationship I've been in lasted just under three weeks before I was forced to call it off because of bad blood between my wife's former friend and her. It was especially painful because I'd fallen for her the first time I saw her a decade before and finally won her complete attention and affection.  My heart still aches to be with her.
3. How often do you have sex? How often do you want sex?
I have sex an average of six times a month. My situation is unusual, though, as my wife works away from home and is gone for at least two weeks at a time. As of the time of this post, she's been gone all month and I haven't sex at all this entire month as a result. I haven't sought out any side action since breaking things off with the woman in my answer to question number two, so my wife represents my sole source of sex and her availability dictates how often I get to have sex. I'd prefer to have sex once a day.
4. How long does sex usually last?
Totally depends.  With my wife, sex lasts an average of five to six minutes. With a newer lover, it seems to take forever for me to finish, if at all.
5. Have you ever had an experience where someone couldn’t perform, finished too quickly or couldn’t keep up with you? Tell us about it?
So many stories of all these types of incidences. Perhaps the most prevalent would be all except for one, maybe two gay sex encounters. Almost without fail, nearl all my gay encounters have ended quickly and I didn’t even end up getting pounded as I had hoped. I’m still looking for that intense, relentless ass-pounding.
6. If you could only have one “type” of sexual encounter for the rest of your life, would you prefer
    a) short and sweet
b) wham bam thank you ma’am    c) here for the long haul
    d) slow and tender
Bonus: Would you consider ending an otherwise healthy and loving relationship if the sex wasn’t what you wanted?
I have. 

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