Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flash Fiction – Hot Dog Down a Hallway

He almost didn’t wake as her warm smoothness slid up behind him. It was her cold feet, false in their symbolism, that yanked him from slumber. He sucked in a breath before rolling to face her. Even in the dark, her eyes shined and her pupils dilated. “Any luck tonight?”

“The biggest ever,” she sighed, barely a whisper. Her hips had a steady rhythm to them, slight but steady. “I can still feel him inside me.”

 “Like his load? It’s still in there?” His cock throbbed at the thought of another man’s creampie.

 “Well, yes, but also him. His hugeness stretching me out farther than I thought I could take.” Her hips went into full grind for about ten seconds ending in a disappointed orgasm.

“Wow. He really did a number on you. I wonder if I can feel him.”

“I’m sure you can.”

“Oh yeah? Why so certain?”

Grabbing his dick, she climbed on top of him. Hovering on his tip, she said, “Because he just pulled out and left five minutes ago.” With that she went down to the hilt.

An initial light pop. Then nothing. Well, something. Something like passing through a portal and sticking his dick into some hot, muggy climate. He could imagine his disembodied dick floating around in a tropical swamp during a heat wave. And that was it. It felt like it was floating free. Her pussy walls were nonexistent. Not until she started to rock and rock and rock did he start to feel her.

First, there was a tap of sponge on the tip of his dick. Next came the slip of slime across his undermeat. Little by little, she shrank inside, mostly around the top part of his dick. Then finally, a landslide in her vagina clenched down and an orgasm tore through her body, sending her into convulsions.

A moment of complete limp-noodle surrender. Next a complete clenching forward. Then a full gyration of her hips to work every inch of his dick inside her. She said, “How can someone so, so, soooo much smaller than my previous lover give me the most intense cum of the night?”

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