Sunday, December 2, 2012

Revamping the Flooded Past

Years ago, he and a lover went to Pearce Park, a mostly private place to wait for their room at a local hotel to come available. Near the parking lot was a bench, where they went to make out.  What happened was the relentless flooding of his lover’s pussy. This was a moment he’s wanted to relive for a long time.

That’s part of the reason he’s close to trembling as he pulls up this day, the day he meets his new young lover in person.  He turns into the first main parking space near the end of Pearce Park Road. If everything has gone as planned, he should see her sitting on a bench that is next to closest to the bathroom.

There she is, a most alluring woman who has fulfilled every one of his attire requests - a long dress, her dark hair worn in low over-the-shoulder pigtails, and her largest hoop earrings. She’s worn boots, too. Probably a good practical choice given the weather, but also one hell of a sexy choice.

Her smile is huge as he approaches. It’s even more glowing in person. Everything about her is even more gorgeous in person. He wonders what he did to deserve this, and feels pre-cum drip from his dick. He feels like he’ll crack any second. But there she is, so very well-behaved, even if the restraint is visibly killing her. Her body keeps twitching toward him as she sits on the bench with her hands in her lap. She knows she’s to stay seated. He pauses for a second to test her. Her body is a statue, but her eyes lunge at him.

Five more steps and he’s on the bench beside her. She throws her legs up and across his lap and all but crawls into his lap. She begins to kiss his neck. He reaches up and pulls her head off his neck, cradles her jaw in his hand and kisses her lips. Soft at first. Maddeningly soft pecks. She wants him to take her, take all of her. Eventually, he takes all of her mouth and their pecks turn to mad tongue-lashings. His hands roam. Her hands have not, yet, which is as it should be. Her breasts feel delightful, but what he really wants to know is if she cut holes in the tights she’s wearing, as he instructed.

His hands slide up her spreading legs and he discovers that indeed she has worn crotchless tights. Her pussy is hot to his chilly hands. She squeals a little, but surprisingly spreads her legs wider in response to the cold. She’s smooth, so smooth. The urge to be overly sensual kicks in but that’s not for today, he chides himself. Today, he is reserved. He is in control. Unlike his first time doing this, this lover is hard to contain. She can’t help but squirm and thrust her hips toward his roaming hand. He draws back, his eyes sweep the area then returns to glare at her. Her hips cease their bucking, but she can’t stop them from quaking.

Neither of them have spoken a word since he arrived.

Eyes and lips re-locked, he slides his middle finger over her clit ever so slowly, descending further and further, sliding right down through her valley and hooking into her with one breathtaking penetration. She exhales heavily into his mouth, and he consumes it. Backing his finger out and then going in again, he makes her feed him with one sweet breath after another.

His finger slides deeper, and in no time, the index gets in on the action. Her hands are now roaming around his chest and getting lower. Her leg is rubbing against his hard-on. The longer she rubs it, the lower her hands move. He wonders if she’ll be able to restrain herself.

Her pussy is now being stretched three-fingers wide and any semblance of kissing fades to something more resembling mouth-to-mouth. He feels her orgasm, a mild flushing of juices and quivering. Not to mention her squeaked out muffled cum cry.

Still she says nothing, even if her mouth noises sound awfully close to words.

He backs out a finger and hooks the remaining two. At first, he glides them up and down the interior, up toward her clit. And she feels it, her G-spot. He keeps gliding past it, but she wants him to get it. She starts to speak, but plays it off as a chortled sex noise. She feels the spot swelling inside her. Right when she thinks she can’t handle it any longer, he starts with that classic come-hither movement of two fingers. It feels great for a moment but then suddenly becomes too much. She starts to back away and he pulls her into him. He gives her a reproachful look. She wants to be good, so she bucks into his hand with eyes squinched up from this hopefully temporary overwhelming sensation.

He’s relentless. He sees it’s too much for her, but he feels it building. He has to see if she’ll do it. He keeps up the motion, the pads of his two fingers rubbing the swelling just up inside her. Her body is tensing. He knows this is overwhelming her, and he’s not sure if it will actually work. Will she do it?

There it is! In her eyes! They just went blank. And that sound, that glorious sound so similar to a super squishy sponge and all those juices. Her juices fill and overflow from his semi-cupped palm. She starts to fall back, her whole body once tense now turning into a wet noodle. He holds her upright and keeps going. He sees her mouth moving. There are no words, but he’s pretty certain of what she’s trying to say.

Her head snaps up, her eyes now alert even predatory, but only for a moment. They soon lose their veracity and go almost sad as a fresh wave of juices washes over his hand. She falls into him, her mouth over his ear and sobs out his name.

All his motions slow and ease. He pulls her head into his chest and kisses her forehead and repeats her name each time she says his. His fingers eventually pick up the pace and he presses his head into her chest as she cums. Her back arches in the air and she screams his name into his chest. Then she relaxes. They make out. Then she feels another tidal wave arriving and shoves her head in his chest again. The one thing she can’t handle anymore is not feeling his cock inside her instead. She needs it, so she goes for it.

He swats her away, and she whines. She goes for it again. Again he swats her away. She begs and pleads, and he reminds her that his dick is not for her yet. “Today is my day to play with your pussy, to familiarize myself with my new playground. You remember that, right?” He gives her a choice. Either she can insist on going for his dick and have him end the encounter right now, or she can be a good girl and keep her hands away from his cock and continue to have one mind-blowing orgasm after another. She chooses the latter.

An hour passes before another vehicle pulls up, forcing them to discontinue their play. He walks her to her car, buckles her seatbelt for her, and puts her hands in her lap. He kisses her all over her face and neck before temporarily pulling out her nipples to give each a suction-heavy peck each. He tells her, “I’m going to kiss you right now. You are going to stay as still as possible. You will keep your hands in your lap. Once you see me close my eyes, you close your eyes too. Then keep them closed. Once you hear me drive away, count to thirty before you re-open your eyes and drive away. You can take longer if you want but not less.” With that, he kissed her deep on her swollen lips. Their lips stick as he breaks off their departing kiss. He closes her door. In a few minutes, she hears his car start and drive away. Twenty minutes later, she opens her eyes and drives away too.

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