Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TMI Tuesday: 15 January 2013 - You Ought to Be in Pictures

Today’s TMI Tuesday  topic is sex photography and video and was written by

A bunch of celebrity sex tapes have been made public through fair means or foul. Have you seen any of these? Which ones?

Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels
Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Kim Kardashian and Ray-J
Kendra Wilkinson and Justin Frye

My Answer:
Years back, I saw a thirty second clip of Pamela Anderson sucking someone off. Not sure which one it was. Somebody sent it to me, and I wasn't impressed with what I saw.

1. Did you ever pose for pictures in sexual situations, or take pictures of a lover?

My Answer:
Yes, on several occasions, I've posed for and taken pictures of lovers in sexual situations.

2. Did you keep these pictures private between yourselves, or did others see them?

My Answer:
Most of the pictures were kept between us, but I have shared them with others from time to time.

3. Did any of them ever get out in public with embarrassing results?

My Answer:
Some of the pictures have gotten out to the public via the internet, but none resulted in embarrassment of any type.

4. Were you ever videotaped having sex?

My Answer:
Yes, many times. Most all were with my wife, and many I've jerked off to later. Most recently, I've rewatched the video I shot of my wife and I fucking on our 16th anniversary.

5. If so, was the tape ever made public?

My Answer:
I made a snippet of the aforementioned video public via my Tumblr.

6. Were you ever photographed or taped without your knowledge?

My Answer:
To my knowledge, I've never been filmed without my knowledge. My wife, on the other hand, has been shot without her knowledge multiple times. In all but a couple cases, she's enjoyed knowing it happened after the fact.

Bonus: Post a picture of a body part.

Here's a shot of my thumb. It seemed an appropriate choice seeing as how it handles the controls on most handheld camcorders.

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