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TMI Tuesday: 26 February 2013 - Blogland and You

And now for this week's TMI Tuesday questions...

1. Do you write/manage another blog?
Yes. I used to manage many blogs but only manage about three now. 
When I managed many blogs, I called the whole collection the Rogue Erotica Network. Most of the blogs were what I called “I Love...” blogs that reflected my interests (I Love BBWs, I Love Cuckoldry, I Love TS Girls, etc.), and the others included this blog, a blog called “My Greatest Obsession” (at the time, this was BBW), a Photoshop blog, and the now private “He Cums To...,” where I record my cums (and within the last year, anal play).
I mostly abandoned the  “I Love...” blogs because, although originally created to record the images I sought on Google, it had transformed into an affiliate blog to promote similarly themed pay sites in exchange for free pics and was too much work with too little payoff. 
Now, I mainly manage three blogs on a regular basis:
  • Rants from the Erotic Rogue (The blog you’re currently reading.)
  • My Tumblr blog (http://eroticrogue.tumblr.com/)
  • He Cums To... (Set to private. See my answer to the bonus question.)
On rare occasions, I will simultaneously post an article I’ve posted here on one of my mostly abandoned “I Love...” blogs.
2. Pick 3 random blogs from your blogroll and tell us why they are on your blog roll.
Guess Her Muff (http://guesshermuff.blogspot.com)
The premise of this blog is simple. Women submit at least two pics of themselves - one with a covered cooch and one with it exposed. The covered twat shot is the one initially shown, and the reader participant’s goal is to successfully guess how she maintains her crotch hair, clicking a link to open a page with the big reveal. 
I’ve subscribed to this blog for years now. It’s my favorite daily game to play. At one time, I recorded and posted on the blog you’re currently reading my weekly results. The best I managed was to guess the muffs correctly about half the time. You can read all my results here.  During the process, I made some very interesting observations regarding muff grooming trends. (See my answer to question 3 below.)
JUST JINXY (http://www.jinxypie.com/)
For the longest time, I was deeply entrenched in cuckoldry. That’s when I discovered Jinxy, a cuckoldress. As I moved through the scene, both online in and IRL, I came to recognize how widely varied the practices are for different people. No one person (um, aside from myself) discusses cuckolding in such an honoring pluralistic way as well as Jinxy. She recognizes that cuckolding has many different ways of being practiced and presents them in an informative way for anyone wanting to learn more about this particular kink. 
Another important aspect about Jinxy, and why I’ve come to regard her most highly in this particular scene, is that she is authentically kind and thoughtful. I’ve come to find that a few too many women who enter cuckolding do so because they either hate or enjoy being cruel to men. Others do it as a way to ruthlessly degrade white men. 
For me and for many other men who have engaged in cuckolding, we need to know that, no matter how cruel our cuckoldress is to us, she ultimately loves us and that we can trust her to respect us where and when it’s most important. Certainly, this doesn’t apply to all cucks, but it does for a great many. Jinxy understands this and presents as many perspectives from the cuckolding arena as possible. If I was still into being cuckolding, I’d want Jinxy to be my cuckoldress wife.
Transsexual Post-Op (http://transsexualpostop.com/)
I love, love, love MtF Transsexuals. Generally, I prefer them to still have a dick but am fascinated with those who have taken the final step and traded in their Jack for a Jill. This site is really an affiliate blog to promote pay sites, and they don’t post that often. Unfortunately, only about one out of four posts feature a post-op transsexual, but those posts are illuminating. Especially the ones in which their new hole is being penetrated.
Note: I didn’t choose any blogs from my Google Reader that have been dormant for three months or more.
3. Look around your blog, tell us about two pages or links you want us to visit, be sure to provide a link to them in your answer to this question.
Guess Her Muff - Week #21
This was my final round of recorded guesses from the Guess Her Muff blog. Before posting the final round of results, I provided a summary of interesting general trends regarding the genital grooming practices of women that I found rather illuminating. I’ve used these as guessing guidelines ever since and have been pretty spot on when making guesses ever since. 
TMI Tuesday (label)
At the time of this post, this is the eighty-seventh post to be connected to the “TMI Tuesday” label (found near the bottom of this blog in the sidebar). With so many posts and such a wide variety of questions asked, reading through my answers will provide quite the insight into who I have been, who I currently am, and a peek at who I’m becoming. 
4. Do you have any unique interests that you have never shared before? What are they?
One thing that spending so much time online has reinforced for me is that there’s really no such thing as “unique.” No matter how original we might believe our interests, there’s someone else out there who shares our interest. It’s just a matter of finding them. Perhaps, “unusual” would be a more fitting word? In that case, my answer would be “mostly yes.” 
In conjunction with a story idea that has driven me, I’ve grown fascinated with amputee sex. In particular, women with no limbs who crave sex all the time, women who want to be treated as a living sex toy. I have  reblogged a select few images of such amputated women, whether real or Photoshopped, on my Tumblr blog. For the most part, though, I’ve kept this particular fetish on the downlow for fear of being called the worst misogynist of all time. However, I cannot state strongly enough the importance of the amputee wanting nothing greater than to be devoid of all her limbs. It’s not about brutally robbing her of her independence or objectifying her.
5. What’s your current obsession?
I have two current obsessions and deciding on only one is tough. So, I’ll state them both: completely passable MtF transsexuals and bondage laced with rough sex, especially choking.
Bonus: Has blogging helped or hurt your sex life?
Blogging has both helped and hurt my sex life. Most specifically, my now-private He Cums To... blog is the standout in both cases. Primarily, the blog resulted in multiple, intense online relationships. 
In one case, I shared the link to my Rogue Erotica Network with a woman with whom I was developing an IRL relationship. She discovered He Cums To... and went nuts over me as a result. Most surprising was how she latched on to my incorporation of Daddy play during sex because it was a fetish of my wife. One of the most perverse things I’ve ever done was having this woman ride me in her loft bed, her head inches from the ceiling with her real father sleeping directly above us. However, the same woman continued to check my cum blog long after we stopped seeing each other and would occasionally email me with the demand to keep my fantasies and IRL sex life in check. 
Her last such email came at the end of a succession of negative emails regarding my then-public cums, and I decided it was time to set that blog to private. This has hurt my online sexual relationships. When the blog was public, women would find it via my Twitter account. These were all married or attached women who were looking for online extramarital online relationships. About once every nine to twelve months, another woman would contact me and a very naughty long-distance relationship would form and last for a few months. Then, she’d usually get caught or would feel guilty about cheating on her spouse and end it. In other cases, they just faded out. Since setting my cum log to private, I have not had one woman approach me online, thereby hurting my online sex life.

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