Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five Minute Flap #11 - DD\lg Relationships: Surge or Rise?

When the US government announced that they were going to increase the number of troops in the Middle East, they called it a surge. The move was met with serious opposition as most Americans wanted out of those wars.  Well, the White House was quick to clarify that a “surge” was not permanent. It was a temporary solution and the number of troops would significantly decrease after a period of time.

A couple years ago, when Fifty Shades of Grey took off in the mainstream, I noticed a “rise” in people online expressing interest in and beginning to practice D\s relationships.

Since the end of last year and start of this one, I’ve noticed that there’s been a subsequent increase in a sub-branch of the D\s relationship: Daddy Dom\little girl (DD/lg). Urban Dictionary defines this particular type of relationship as follows:

A form of ageplay in which a male Dominant plays the role of a fatherly figure to the female submissive who takes on the role of a young girl.

Via my explorations on Twitter, Tumblr, and ever so slightly more on OkCupid, I’ve noticed more and more young women expressing or living out their fantasies to engage in DD\lg relationships.

That’s what makes it especially interesting to me. Much younger women are seeking out much older men to be their Daddies.  Not Sugar Daddies, but disciplinarian Daddies. In the past with D\s relationships, I noted that men are more likely to be the ones doing the seeking. That’s why it’s exciting and also quite intriguing to observe that younger women are leading the charge with this highly controversial form of BDSM relationship.

The D\s trend, I believe, is not a trend. It has been experiencing a rise in popularity over the past few years that skyrocketed and has only entrenched itself since Fifty Shades. Will the same be true for DD/lg relationships, or will the ageplay factor make its current rising popularity taper off and diminish because it’s deemed beyond the pale? Of course, only time will tell. But I personally hope we’re seeing a rise in DD\lg relationships instead of a fleeting surge.

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