Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TMI Tuesday: 28 May 2013 - Tickle My Funny Bone

Thanks to A Tale of Bi and Bi for this week’s humor focused TMI Tuesday questions.

1. Have you ever laughed during sex? Tell us about it.
Once or twice in the distant past, I laughed during sex. The laughter, if I remember correctly had nothing to do with the sex. Rather, it was generated by suddenly remembering something funny that occurred earlier. My wife laughed it off and called me a weirdo.
2. How important is a sense of humor to you?
A sense of humor is highly important, but not as much as the type of humor. Although I used to be huge into sarcasm and still appreciate it, a sarcasm-only sense of humor gets old quickly. Mean-spirited or stereotype-based humor is something I cannot tolerate in all except the smallest doses. Other than that, I love anyone who can find humor in the oddest of circumstances.
3. Have you ever thought something was funny when your lover did not? Tell us what it was…
I'm typically the more uptight of the two, so about the only time I find something funny that my lover does not is any time she has a slapstickish accident.
4. Are pranks funny? Have you ever fallen victim to a prank? Tell us what happened.
Pranks are hilarious as long as they aren't really veiled attempts at bullying. Who hasn't fallen victim to a prank or forty? I can't remember the last prank I fell victim to, sorry.
5. What is your favorite kind of humor? (a complete list can be found at: http://www.dailywritingtips.com/20-types-and-forms-of-humor/
I tend to most enjoy a blend of satirical and dead pan humor.
Bonus: Tell us an embarrassing and/or funny moment you experienced with a lover.
It's only happened a couple times, but farting while orgasming was both funny and embarrassing.

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