Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TMI Tuesday: June 18, 2013 - How do you like ____?

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions ask…

How do you like . . .

1. Your eggs cooked?
It depends on my mood and what I'm eating them with. If with toast, I prefer them runny. If in a sandwich, I prefer them fried hard. If by themselves or with a side meat and\or veggie, I prefer them scrambled but softly.
2. Your sandwich cut? In half, down the middle of the square or on the diagonal?
I prefer a diagonal cut on my traditional bread sandwiches. Something about the first bite of the daintier corners really makes the flavor pop.
3. Your coffee?
I prefer a dark roasted coffee. Black. I'm drinking just such a beverage at this very moment.
4. Your tea?
Any mint tea seems to be my preference. I'm hit or miss with tea. Some twist my gut almost from the first sip, especially the caffeinated ones.
5. Your ice-cream served: cup, cone or condom? Yup you read that right, a condom. Read more here.
If I'm out and about, I choose a cone because it's less waste and easier to access one-handed. If I'm at home, it's a bowl every time. Never had my ice-cream served out of anything resembling a condom, but it might be fun. 
6. Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?
Far too many "it depends" answers, so if I have to base it on a superficial response...I prefer hair on women to be medium-long, worn down most of the time with a flourish of a small braid or something, and natural but not in the smelly, ratty, dready, non-product using way. As for "straight or curly," this is too much of a "depends" kind of answer with which I won't bother.
7. To have sex? In what position?
My wife and I have a "usual" position that I would assume must be my favorite position. I've used it with past lovers, too, and they've usually commented on how I favor it. She is lying on her back to my right. Either both or only her left leg hangs over my left thigh or is hooked in my arm. I am turned on my side facing her and take her in a fashion that resembles spooning, except she's on her back not her side.
Bonus: How do you like your lovers?
I prefer my lovers assertive. No...aggressive! Enthusiastic, cheery, creative, persistent, stalkerish, loving, sweet, masochistic, intelligent, discreetly subculture, pansexual, dark-haired, zaftig with small tits and giant nipples, short, dark-eyed, insatiable, eager to please...Oh, hell. The list goes on like this for awhile. I've actually been keeping a list of things I'd prefer in a lover, a document I've called "My Ideal." It's grown to about four pages long.

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