Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TMI Tuesday: June 25, 2013 - Sex Talk & Sex Ed

June is Adult Sex Ed Month (twitter: #AdultSexEdMonth). The movement was started by blogger @GoodDirtyWoman on twitter. Please read more here.

This week’s TMI Tuesday  questions were inspired by Sex-Ed writer Jon Pressick and his #dailysexdiscussion that happens on twitter.

1. Have you ever investigated having an open relationship? Have you tried to have an open relationship?
My marriage has been open since 1999. It’s had its ups and downs just as any marriage does, but I feel strongly that the openness of our marriage has cemented us even more strongly as a couple than a monogamous marriage.
2. Do you have any sexual phobias? What have you done to manage or overcome them?
None that I’m aware of. There are certain things I don’t want to do. However, my reason isn’t from a sense of fear or revulsion. I’m just not willing to do some things to myself or others.
3. What is the best new sexual activity you have tried in 2013?
Vivid imagination. In particular, “Fabiola.” Physically, she is based on a random woman’s appearance and name. Although I had all of four minutes worth of time actually seeing the actual woman, her image grows more vivid every time I imagine her.  What I imagine doing with her and how I imagine her to be has ranged from the scariest darkest reaches of my imagination to loving and soft. She is so vivid that I have begun to think of her as my lover. 
4. Have you ever called into a sex advice radio/television show or written to a sex advice columnist? Was it helpful?
No. I've never legitimately consulted any form of advice in this way. I have, however, crafted and supplied such columnists fictional queries as fodder for them to answer during slow times.
5. Would you use the services of a sex therapist? Why or why not?
I suppose so. Circumstances would have to be much different, and I would have to love my partner deeply. That said, there are a few who’d claim that sex therapy would do me some good because I am a twisted fuck. Overall, and despite the many twists and kinks to my sex life, I’ve never felt the need to seek for help with my sexual behaviors\”disorders.”
6. Should sex therapists be allowed to engage in actual sexual activities with clients? Why or why not?
Mixed bag for me. Here’s the thing: Ethically and professionally, a therapist fucking their client is not okay. It creates an emotional bonding that clouds true improvement of their client’s condition and creates the potential for abuse. But if we’re talking about a more fringe sex therapist who engages in sex with their clients for the purpose of demonstration or treatment, that is something I would have a harder time decrying. Especially if it ameliorates the client’s condition. 
Bonus:  Have you read any adult sex ed books lately? What do you recommend?
Nope. I don’t have any to suggest. Most of the sex ed I done gots been from porno! Not really, but much of anything I’ve read lately is via blogs and sites. 

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