Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TMI Tuesday: July 23, 2013 - That’s What I Like about You

TMI Tuesday  today gives you the opportunity to do what you do best–talk about you.

1. Tell us about you in 10 words or less.
Perpetually in a state of change.
2. What radio stations do you have programmed and regularly listen to (format, genre)?
I only listen to one station regularly: JPR's Rhythm and News station, one of our three local NPR stations.
3. What color are your eyes today?
Same color as every day: blue.
4. Did you shave today?
On the actual day of TMI Tuesday, I didn't shave. I shave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
5. What’s your personality?
Reserved and attentive to those I don’t know well; goofy, intense, and perverted to those who do.
6. Tell us two things that most people mention they like about you.
My unpredictable perspectives on issues and events, and my honesty.
7. Name one thing that you really like about yourself.
My ability to be content to be by myself.
Bonus: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
Most people who don't know how old I am and have never seen or learned that I have Sophomore and Senior sons assume I'm just over 30. I'm actually 40.

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