Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TMI Tuesday – August 13, 2013: Super!

Thank you to swinging gemma from Erotic Adventures blog for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

For those of you who need a super-hero and super-villain database, you’re in luck! There is one: http://www.superherodb.com/characters/

1. When you were a child/teenager, who was your favorite superhero and why?
Spider-Man was and still remains my favorite superhero because he’s the most relatable. I credit that to the writing though, not really Spider-Man’s powers. Stan Lee, et al, created a believable character, someone who struggles with so many of the things that other comics tended to leave out. They may seem mundane, Peter Parker’s strifes: unavoidably standing up Gwen or Mary Jane, keeping the power on in his apartment, paying his rent, making it to Thanksgiving dinner, and so on. But those things make him believable and drive the action in ways that create a sympathy for the protagonist that goes to depths far deeper than say Superman wanting to protecting his weak identity as Clark Kent. Also, Spidey was funny and had a generally good time doing what he did, all while recognizing that he had a responsibility to protect whenever possible.  
2. Which supervillain is most like you and why?
Probably Loki because I often see myself as a trickster figure.
3. If you had a superpower what would it be and would you use it for good or evil.
Ah, this one I’ve answered many a time. I would have the power of persuasion, to get people to do whatever I wish. My character alignment is usually neutral, so I’d use it for both good and evil. Well, isn’t such a power inherently evil anyway? After all, we’re talking about getting people to do things they wouldn’t do on their own. For one, I would use it to enable me to live very well off of, with almost no work necessary. The only work I’d have is in using my power to get what I need. I’d like to think that I’d also use it for good, using it to move the human race to a peaceful space while re-steering us toward healing and restoring a balanced relationship with our planet.
4. Do you own a superhero costume? When and where was the last time and place that you wore it?
Strangely enough, I do not own a superhero costume. 
5. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a superhero/villain. Tell us about it.
My first crush was when I was six and was on a grown woman: Wonder Woman as played by Lynda Carter. When I discovered masturbation a few years later, I came to her on more than a few occasions. I was around 11 or 12, so not much to share.
6. Who do you think is the coolest superhero and why?
As far as cool guy, definitely Wolverine. He is the epitome of that guy who doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about him. Not to mention, the dude’s near-immortal and has adamantium bones and claws.
Bonus:  You have been granted the wish of having a threesome with one superhero and one supervillain. Which ones do you choose and why?
I would have a threesome with Rogue because I’ve always had a thing for her and Poison Ivy because I like wild redheads. 

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