Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TMI Tuesday: September 3, 2013 - Do you wanna ride?

Today’s TMI Tuesday  is all about your ride – your car, your moto, your bike – your regular mode of transport, and of course sex ;-)

1. What type of vehicle do you use regularly? Truck, car, bike, etc.
I walk most regularly, but when I do drive for groceries and such, I drive a car.
2. Do you use public transportation–bus, train, metro/subway, cab? How often?
I rarely use public transportation, as I can typically get most places on foot. That’s the benefit of living in a small town.
3. Have you ever had sex in/on public transportation? Tell us about it?
Yes. I fucked my wife in the back of a bus traveling north through Mexico.
4. I know most of you have had sex in a car or truck but how many times have you had sex in your present vehicle?
I have never had sex in either of our cars.
5. When was the last time you had sex in  car or truck type vehicle? Was it with a known person or a stranger?
I cannot remember the last time I had sex in a vehicle. The last time I remember happened about 10 years ago, as my wife and I were driving down the freeway, her in my lap as I drove.
6. Have you ever had sex on a bicycle or motorcycle?
Yes. It was a quickie, P-for-P, in which a sibling’s motorcycle was available so we snuck in a quick poke on it so we could say we had fucked on a motorcycle.
7. Stick shift or manual? Why?
Stick shift is manual, so I’ll assume the questioner meant to say “automatic.” In hilly towns like San Francisco and the town I live in, I prefer automatic. But in general, I prefer stick shifts because of the control they afford, especially in slick driving conditions like rain, ice, and snow.
8. Ever had sex on the hood of a car? 
Yes, a couple times but not out of some intention to fuck on a hood. It was just there and was a good place to fuck at the time.
Bonus: You are walking down the street. A very sexy and nude person (gender of your choice) pulls up next to you in their shiny new Mercedes Benz, they lower the window and say, “Do you want to ride in my Mercedes?” What do you do? Tell us what you want to do on that ride?
Normally when people ask me if I want a ride while I’m walking, I decline. After all, I love walking and nearly always walking by choice. But in this scenario, I’d probably say, “I don’t give a shit about the Benz, but I’d love to take a ride with you.” I think that what I’d want to most happen is for her to take me somewhere out of the way and proceed to tell me, “You know what they say, ‘no such thing as a free ride: ass, grass, or cash’. But just so you know, I only accept the first as payment.” Then she’d proceed to “rape” me.
Bonus, bonus: What is the sexiest thing you have ever done in a vehicle?
The sexiest thing I’ve ever done while in a vehicle was driving as my wife straddled me and rode me to a cum while we headed home down the freeway.

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