Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TMI Tuesday: October 1, 2013 - Sex Craze

This week's TMI Tuesday  is about what we do for sex…

1. Why do you like sexting or virtual sex (chatting, skype, etc.)?
This is a presumptuous question. Who says I like any of that? Okay. Who am I kidding? I haven’t chatted in any way for a long, long time, so any answer would be woefully out of date. Sexting, though, is something I enjoy doing. It is a way to be sexual with someone who is not physically with me. It’s like going to a strip club in the sense that I can look but not touch. That is the most surprising of the possible reasons why I enjoy sexting, considering I’m not a big fan of strip clubs partially for this very same reason. Guess it’s different when the physical separation is so distant that it makes physical touch impossible.
2. When you’re about to “get busy”…get down & dirty, you know have sex, do you like to be undressed by your lover or take off all your clothes by yourself?
I prefer to be undressed by my lover. It signals that they are not “willing” to have sex; they “want” sex. Initiators turn me on.
3. What is the most desperate thing you’ve done for sex?
I haven’t really done anything desperate in the way of acquiring hetero sex. In that regard, my acts of desperation were about retaining a relationship with those women, not the sex. In terms of homo sex, though, my most desperate moment to get fucked in the ass by a guy was when I played with a crossdressing trucker. 
We’d arranged to meet at his hotel room to both dress up and fuck, with him assuming the top role. The reality was that he just lay there on his back, head propped on his pillow, one arm tucked behind his head and the other ending with the television remote. I was so desperate to get fucked by a man, that I sucked his mostly limp dick, climbed on it when it was half hard, tried to keep it in my asshole, and failed on all accounts. It took me more than an hour of trying to get him to engage or get off, to stop watching television, to put even a fraction of effort into our playtime, before I hopped off, cleaned up, and split.
4. Libido booster drugs for women (viagra for women) will hit the market soon. Are you interested in trying them? Will you take the new drug(s)? Why or why not?
(If you are a man, would you like for your female lover to take such a drug?)
I would not want anyone to take a drug that they’d become dependent upon. If I had a partner who was sexually frigid for reasons they couldn’t fix, I would most definitely want her to at least consider it. One major worry I have about this particular drug is the possibility of it being abused by men who would use it as a new type of date rape drug, the ever elusive Spanish Fly realized and made available to the masses. On the other hand, imagining a society full of women who take the drug recreationally gets me a little giddy.
Bonus: If it were legal in your country/community to visit a “sex box”  would you?
The only reason I would not is because I don’t have that sort of disposable income. I definitely think they’re an awesome idea, and I would at least sneak a peek at one if I ever found myself in a place where sex boxes exist.

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