Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TMI Tuesday: October 29, 2013 - Sexuality: Express Yourself

And now for this week's TMI Tuesday.

1. Can you tell when your lover is close to having an orgasm? How can you tell? What are the signs?
Yes, I can tell when a lover is close to having an orgasm. It’s different with each lover, but some signs are common regardless of person. Breathing becomes more sporadic and comes in short strong bursts. There’s an intensity of focus with moments of breathlessness. There are mini tremors and facial contortions.
2. Ladies have you ever seen YOUR g-spot? Men have you actually seen the g-spot?
I don’t have one of those fancy snake cameras, so no, I haven’t actually “seen” the g-spot. I can find it easily. I can feel and work it easily. But no, I haven’t seen it with my eyeballs because it’s inside a woman.
3. Which sexual position do you find most stimulating?
a. missionary
b. woman on top, facing man
c. doggy style
d. other – tell us about it
d. other - It all depends on the woman and how’s she’s built. For example, my wife and I have a standard side scissor position that is usually the most stimulating for us both. For my lover and I, missionary with her ankles pinned at her shoulders provides the most stimulation for both of us.
4. When you orgasm, are you:
a. silent
b. make a little noise
c. yell out!
b. make a little noise, usually a grunt or some semi-whispered name or raunchy phrase.
5. A lover orgasms quickly, way before you are even close to having an orgasm. Do you stop the sex once he/she has had an orgasm or do you continue sexual play so you can orgasm too?
This is not usually an issue. My wife typically cums before me, multiple times, before I orgasm. She doesn’t ask or want me to stop fucking her just because she came. My lover typically has a more difficult time cumming, but when she does, she loves for me to plunge inside her right as she is cumming. 
Bonus: On average, when you masturbate how long does it take to reach orgasm?
a. Less than 3 minutes
b. 3 – 5 minutes
c. 5 – 10 minutes
d. more than 10 minutes
b. 3-5 minutes, although I’ve been masturbating very little these days. Also, the more often I masturbate, the longer my sessions range.

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