Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TMI Tuesday – November 19, 2013: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

This week's TMI Tuesday  as inspired by that classic Rolling Stones tune.

1. From erotica to sex blogs everyone seems to be having intense orgasms. Do you feel like you are experiencing the same intense orgasmic waves everyone talks about?
Well, not always but certainly I've experienced some exceptionally intense orgasms this year.
2. At the beginning of our sexual lives, we are often let down because it feels like nothing in comparison to what we see in films and magazines. Sexual pleasure is something you learn more about as you get older. How have you learned to cultivate the pleasure that you feel?
I never experienced feeling let down in this way in my youth. The only way I was disappointed in this way was in regards to receiving blowjobs. They only recently started to pack a punch for me.
3. In the last 3 years, has your sexual pleasure:
a. waned
b. stayed the same
c. increased, enhanced, improved
All of the above. As for sexual intercourse pleasure, things waned for awhile then turned around recently. I've had the inverse happen in direct relation to sexual intercourse as regards my penile and anal pleasure. 
4. If you are feeling much more sexual pleasure than your lover do you feel the need to make up the deficit or just live in the moment and enjoy what has been given to you?
I definitely feel compelled to provide my lover at least the same level of pleasure I'm receiving if not more. Lately, however, I have been allowing myself to receive the abundance of pleasure that my girlfriend gives me without stressing over her pleasure. This I've done based on her expressed desires. It's tough sometimes and it makes me feel a bit guilty, but I am working through it.
5. How important is it to you for you and your lover to have simultaneous orgasms?
a. not important – never thought about it
b. somewhat important – I think it would be nice to explode at the same time
c. important – that is what I ‘work’ for, cumming at the same time makes everything more intense–my orgasm, my feelings, the entire experience.
b. somewhat important.  My wife and I have had so very many simultaneous orgasms that it's nearly the norm. My girlfriend has a difficult time orgasming and so far only via flying solo with her vibe. I'd love for us to eventually get to the point that we bust at the same time.
Bonus: Do you think that having an orgasm is the same as sexual pleasure? Why or why not?
Yes and no. Orgasm is only one way a person can experience sexual pleasure not sexual pleasure in itself.

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