Sunday, December 22, 2013

Five Minute Flap #12 - The Return of the Bush

Among other things, like the drone, 2013 has been dubbed the year of the bush. This was the year that ladies crotch grooming standards have seen a reversal. After nearly two decades of keeping their groins hair-free, many women have decided it’s time to go wooly. This is not news that I herald as great. I definitely prefer a naked pussy.

Yet as this phenomenon rises, I notice through my viewing of porn and of amateurs that not everyone is embracing the bush. In fact, they are acting counter to the current trend, and I’m loving it.

Sites like Guess Her Muff  and Vaginacology give their readers the chance to guess at how women groom their nethers. I’ve been guessing with a sixty percent accuracy for a few years, but the past half year has left me with a less than stellar accuracy rate. Why?

Blondes and light brunettes have started to grow bushes. While I’ve thought that blondes and redheads are the ones who should sport some bush because true lightning and fire crotches are rare, most of them kept their cha-chas bare as the day they were born. Whereas, most dark-haired women almost always had at the very least a patch, if not keeping the whole bush.

My preference for the past few years has been dark-haired beauties, and I’ve come to accept that although I’d prefer they shed ever last strand down there, they are prone to keeping it wooly. Not anymore. As those with lighter shades of hair begin to regrow their pubes, the many dark-haired ladies have gone completely bald, even opting out of a patch.

Although I may groan that the bush has reappeared as the norm, I’m not crying too hard. In fact, I’m celebrating a bit more than I should, because the dark bush is disappearing.

*Note: The disappearance of the bush only seems to apply to dark-haired women under thirty. Also, not all blonds have given up the bald look. Thankfully.

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