Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TMI Tuesday: March 11, 2014 - Emotions

This week’s TMI Tuesday deals with emotions.

“The emotions aren’t always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to action” ~ William James, philosopher-psychologist 

1. Laughter: What makes you laugh?

 Stupid comedies, abstract inside or intellectual jokes, and uncomfortable or tense situations.

2. Anger: This past week, who or what really pissed you off? What happened?

 My wife having a wicked nic fit one day and a Mommy Dearest moment with our youngest on another. She just barely avoided crossing the line into making me take drastic action.

3. Fear: What phobia did you have but overcame?

 Arachnophobia. I had it in a major way when I was younger. But my friends gave me a tarantula for my 18th birthday which started my slow and eventual overcoming of the fear. I now save spiders whenever possible and don't hesitate to exterminate the dangerous ones for other people.

4. Surprise: Recently, what unexpected act or behavior did you experience in your sex life?

 I experienced having to tell my lover that I’m just not that desirous of penile intercourse these days. It was part of my greater explanation as to the reason my frequency has declined. Ultimately, it’s just that I’m a loner.

5. Trust: Many on-going relationships have a certain predictability about them. Does that certainty translate into trust? Most definitely.

For instance, I often choke my wife as we fuck. She can predict that I’ll likely choke her some, and I’ll predict that she won’t freak out on or reject my clutch. She can also predict that I won’t take it too far. All of that translates into big time trust.

 6. Excitement: Who do you excite?

 I excite my wife, my girlfriend, and of course, at the basest level, my dog.

Bonus: What intimate activity do you share with your partner, something that is meaningful to your relationship? For example Sunday breakfast in bed, cooking, maintenance spanking, etc.?

We call each other Daddy and Li’l Girl?

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