Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TMI Tuesday: April 1, 2014 - Computer Love

Many of us cannot live without computer technology and being “connected” in some manner. 

Computers are a huge part of our lives and thus many of us personalize our computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. to show our personalities or to be extensions of our uniqueness. This week’s TMI Tuesday is about the love affair we have with our computer devices or Computer Love.

1. What’s the wallpaper (photo, design, etc) on your phone, laptop or PC? Is it the same or different on these devices?

  • On my phone, I switch out my live wallpapers rather frequently. I try to keep them seasonal most of the time.
  • On my laptop, I just got a new one day before yesterday and haven’t put any nondefault wallpapers on it yet.

2. What’s on the desktop of your phone or notebook/tablet (i.e., icons, files, windows etc.)?

On my phone, I have way too many apps to name. Homepage has Google Search, TheWeek.com, Gallery, Flashlight, Shazam, Music, Dolphin Browser, SilentSnap Photo, NQ Mobile Security

3. What type of computer device do you use most often?

My job requires being on the computer all day, so I’d have to say I most often use a tower system.

4. How many computer type devices do you own including smartphones?

I own one laptop and one smartphone and one smart TV. If you want, I own two bluetooth speaker systems as well.

5. Do you make sexy videos with your smartphone?

Only on the rarest of occasions. My wife makes them much more often, usually for me.

6. Do you video-chat naked or have virtual sex using your computer?

I have not done that in so long that I must answer in the negative.

7. How many naked photos of your whole body or your body parts have you taken with your smartphone camera?

Maybe less than two handfuls.

8. What is the most photographed part of your body?

My face.

Bonus:  Post a photo of the most photographed part of your body.


Bonus, Bonus: Do you use a screensaver? If yes, post a pic of it.

I’m too new to the laptop. Sorry.

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