Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TMI Tuesday: April 29, 2014 - Fill in the Blank

This week’s TMI Tuesday was adapted from Friday Fill-ins. Fill in the blanks below with whatever comes to mind first or is sexy or crazy. Have fun! 

Individual Blogger’s Note: I have taken all the numbered questions and blended them into a single narrative. Each prompt will be incorporated in order of their numbering in their original form and will be noted by ALL CAPS.

1. For me, it was _____ .

2. _____ at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the tree _____ .

4. _____ is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, _____ .

6. Tonight I’m looking forward to _____ .

FOR ME, IT WAS when I finally received that long-desired missed connection from a thick woman with dark brown eyes and jet black hair that I knew she was a dream-maker. I caught her eye during the week when Oregon Trail cards were replenished and my preferred type were to be found aplenty AT MY LOCAL SUPERMARKET. BEHIND THE TREE, the Dollar Tree that is, is the glory-hole filled arcade Adult Book Store, where she directed me to meet her for the first time - just her mouth, her cunt, my dick, no condoms, and dudes watching from each of the adjoining booths. Meeting a missed connection in a pre-arranged location at the Adult Book Store IS SOMETHING I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO. WHEN IT WAS OVER, she left her booth, entered mine, mounted me, rode me again, and made me repeat her email address over and over as I fingered her asshole with first one, then two, then three digits. TONIGHT, I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO cumming inside her cheating, married pussy again in her bed as her husband is away at work and her kids are sleeping.

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