Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TMI Tuesday: May 13, 2014 - Fill In the Blanks

This week’s TMI Tuesday was inspired by Friday Fill-ins. Fill in the blanks.

Individual Blogger’s Note: As I recently did in the TMI Tuesday prompt two weeks ago, I have taken all the numbered questions and blended them into a single narrative. Each prompt will be incorporated in order of their numbering in their original form and will be noted by ALL CAPS.

1. My favorite month is _____ because _____ .

2. _____ a fresh breeze.

3. I love a good _____ .

4. _____ is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast but _____ is what I want for dessert.

5. The hobby I enjoy most _____ .

6. _____ , oh my!

7. I understand _____ to my sanity.

8. Private _____ inside.

MY FAVORITE MONTH IS October BECAUSE it is the time when things begin to cool, festive and erotic energies resurface, colors burst, and darkness creeps out in fun and energizing ways. For the first time in months, we are given the gift of A FRESH BREEZE. I LOVE A GOOD surge in sexual desire that always seems to accompany the oranges, reds, and yellows. Emptied testicles IS WHAT I LIKE TO HAVE AS A TREAT FOR BREAKFAST BUT an intense throat fucking IS WHAT I WANT FOR DESSERT. THE HOBBY I ENJOY MOST is devising and assigning new deviant and sexual tasks and goals for my girlfriend to achieve. So many things she’s eager and willing to do for me, OH MY! I UNDERSTAND so much of what we do and want is ironic and consensual, but viewed from the outside, they could be seen as a complete threat TO MY SANITY. PRIVATE depravations that balk at the decent creep out when we are together to reveal themselves to us from where they used to safely reside INSIDE.

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