Monday, June 23, 2014

Gimme Back the Old You

I dig a woman with little tits. Big nipples are preferred, but I’ll take little tits with no nipples over big ones with extra large nipples any day. If the woman is tiny, that’s an added bonus.

In the world of porn, little tits are an endangered species. Not that porn has a dearth of B’s and below, by any means. On the contrary, there are plenty of itty bitties to go around. No, by “endangered” I mean that if a woman stays in porn for more than a short run, she’s bound to size up by several cups after a while.

Why is this? Perhaps it doesn’t matter to others, but for me, it causes me to lose interest in the star. If they have tiny titties, that’s part of why I dig her so much. Once she gets big tits, I lose a lot of interest.

Yesterday, I worked on identifying the females in one of my favorite porns. Finding the names of actors in porn is ridiculously elusive. I don’t understand why it’s not made easier to figure these things out. You know, like names on the cover of the movie, or even within the credits of the movie. Of course, that’s a whole other rant.

In the case of one of the women, I found her through a different site via a different video in the series. I Googled her and confirmed this was indeed the woman, Catalina. But she had changed. One of my favorite things about her was how tiny her tits were. Nowadays, her tits are about four cups larger.

Now, this isn’t to say that tits are the be-all beat-all. This goes for cosmetic surgery of most sorts. I can forgive skin tightening and liposuction. But nose jobs and collagen injections and the rest of that ilk are alterations that make me tend to turn away from once-favorites.

In the case of a porn ATF Sabrina Malerno, I researched deeper to find what she’s up to these days. In that search, I saw a greatly changed Sabrina. Grotesquely larger breast augmentation with areola lightening, and a nose job. With Sabrina, her nose was part of the appeal, so this hit me doubly hard.

Do pornstars lose fans when they begin to go under the knife? I’m not sure, but as for these two women, they lost me as a present-day fan. My love for them lies early on in their careers.

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