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Tight vs. Strong and a Low Cervix

Back in November of 2012, I wrote a post titled “Vaginas Are Like Memory Foam.”  In it, I discussed how miraculous, durable, and adaptable vaginas are. I made some statements that this post will expand on and one I will refute. But before I begin, please know that the statements I will make are not based on scientific findings but on my own observations. In no way is what I’m about to say meant to be misogynistic or chauvinistic.

Vaginas are amazing! They are truly one of the most amazing organs.Vaginas are so different from woman to woman, both inside and out. Thanks to both my own experiences and to the vast fount of experiences that others share via the Internet, my wonder at the fabulousness that resides between a woman’s legs continues to grow.

About Tightness In Re: Frequency of Use
Recently, my wife disputed my statement about how the volume of penetration is what determines how tight a vagina will be. She pointed out that prostitutes, contrary to popular opinion, have tight pussies. More often than not, they are far tighter than a rarely (if-ever) used vagina. She has absolute authority to make such a claim, as she has spent many years working as a prostitute.

It is sort of difficult for me to refute this claim. After all, she’d often be tight as hell when I would first fuck her upon her return home after being gone to work in a brothel. To tell the truth, it wasn’t that enjoyable for me. Her go-to statement before we’d start was “it won’t fit.” I had to go easy at first, much the way I imagine it would go with a virgin. Eventually, though, her puss would open up. By the time she left for the ranch, her vagina easily accommodated me and lost most of its initial tightness. This serves to verify my assertion that vaginas are like memory foam.

Still, my wife recently refused to concede. She believed firmly that prostitutes have tighter pussies than those women who rarely use theirs. As much as I disputed her claim, she wasn’t completely wrong. There’s a difference in the type of tightness that she was claiming.

In the rarely used vagina, the internals shrink up and regain a size that could best be compared to a balloon that hasn’t been stretched and inflated. It’s tight and small and takes some effort to get to open up. In the frequently used prostitute’s pussy, however, the vagina has a much different form of tightness. Whereas the rarely used vagina requires finessing, the prostitute vagina is a bit like adding more weight to barbells during a workout. Her vagina yields to greater volume much easier than the lesser-used pussy while maintaining a tightness. However, the tightness comes not from being stretched farther than she’s used to by an increase of volume, but from muscle strength.

The fact is that most males have penises smaller than mine. As my wife most frequently fucked just such males, her pussy always felt tight when she’d return. Her vagina was not only shaped and sized for small dicks, but the muscle memory was set to hug the smaller size. Therefore, her pussy always felt tight. This was the basis for her disagreement with my statement that rarely used vaginas are tighter than those that are used often.

My wife has exhibited an exceptionally poor memory these days, especially when it comes to past experiences. (She recently denied that we used to ritualistically watch ER and Law and Order waaay back in the day, claiming she’d never watch such shows.) If she looked back to when she worked as an escort locally and had several boyfriends at the same time, she would not have made such a denial.

When my wife was a local escort and had several boyfriends at once, one of which was considerably larger than me, she most certainly had a loose cunt. It was one of the things I adored about having sex with her, how loose she was. I loved feeling insignificant inside her, sometimes barely being able to feel myself inside her except around the point of entry.

Another thing to note is that when she was an escort, she had sex with many more men than she did when working in a brothel, by as many as four to one. As a brothel prostitute, it was rare  for her to fuck more than one guy a day or even to fuck at least a guy a day, not to mention lacking access to me or a boyfriend’s dick. It wasn’t unusual for her to go several days if not a week without getting fucked.

As an escort, however, she averaged three to four guys every night, as well as action from her boyfriends that she’d work in between clients. In those days, she had pussy muscles AND was loose. I miss those days. By contrast, she’d come home from the ranch with pussy muscles and was tight. Give me loose over tight any day.

This is where I will refine my previous position on the tightness of a vagina:

  • Frequent penetrative vaginal sex can lead to a tightening of the vaginal cavity by way of increased muscle tone. 
  • Size of the penis that most recently and\or frequently penetrated her dictates the size and shape of the vaginal cavity. Like memory foam, this is a temporary condition. If the last dick in was big, she’ll feel initially loose. If the last dick in was small, she’ll feel initially tight.

About the Ability to Penetrate the Cervix
A few months ago, I reblogged some cartoons on Tumblr that showed what I considered to be some impossible sexual penetration. The toons depicted the internal view of the action and featured a bbc so massive that he penetrated and came directly inside the woman’s uterus. Penetrating the cervix is impossible, I claimed, but the images were too fun not to reblog.

This last month, I was proven wrong. On a blog I’d discovered, I found an interview with “Nancy,” complete with photos for proof and the claim that fucking the cervix is indeed possible.

I feel this is the real deal. The photos don’t appear photoshopped. The thought thrills me. The delight of knowing that one more impossibility in the world of sex, one even derided as the fantasy of a sick, sadistic male is possible, is real, and is so joyfully embraced by the one for whom it most matters: Nancy.

One thing I note, though, is that Nancy says she used to finger her cervix at a younger age before she had sex. So, it’s not simply as easy as letting your cervix get fucked. Nancy conditioned hers. Plus, the positioning of her cervix gives her a penetrative advantage. Her story confirms that yet another impossibility has been shown to be quite possible.

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