Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TMI Tuesday: September 16, 2014 - Pet Names & Body Parts

Thanks to The Sin Doll for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

1. Do you give pet names to anything? (e.g. Significant other. Car. Breasts. Penis. Vagina.)

Typically, I don’t feel the need to give pet or nick names unless it’s a way to remain on the down-low. I do give names to my dildos, usually naming each one after the name of the dildo as sold online. My favorite one, the one I use most, it’s store name is Mark. I call him Fat Boy because he’s so thick. 

2. Is there a pet name that you can’t stand being called?

Not really, reason being that it far more depends on the voice behind the names. For instance, my sort of girlfriend Anita would rarely call me “honey,” but I relished it when she did. As for the girlfriend after her... a fellow college Freshman with a heavy Oklahoma accent, Christina’s drawl killed me. I couldn’t handle the affection when it was laced with so much country. So, no. There’s no pet name I can’t stand being called.

3. Has your body ever done something that you didn’t understand? Even if it was a ‘first time’ something happened?

Any of the few times that I couldn’t obtain an erection despite wanting more than anything to get it on with the person. 

4. Which body part do you spend the most time on? (grooming, applying, etc.)

I spend the most time on my hair. Washing it only, which is something I do on a daily basis during the workweek. But it’s long and curly, so...

5. The name of the best lover you’ve ever had.

Best? Oh, that’s a loaded one. Long-run, definitely my wife. Based on intensity and mindblowingness of encounters, Sumi consistently wore me out. She did things to me that I have yet to ever experience again in my life. Then I have whole “best of” categories for different lovers from my past, but I won’t go into all that.

6. Have you ever taken an ex back?

No. I’ve only had it tested once. When I was thirteen. She wanted back but I couldn’t do it.

Bonus: What’s your biggest concern in the world today?

My biggest concern in the world today is that everything’s going to go to shit before we can come to the realization that our current economy-based existence doesn’t work and will come to leave us in tatters.

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