Tuesday, September 2, 2014

TMI Tuesday: September 2, 2014 - Love, Life, and Lessons

From Hedone:
Hello there. It’s a holiday here in the United States, it is Labor Day. The only work I’m doing is this TMI Tuesday. ~H

1. Are you happy with your job? Why or Why not?

Workwise, I’m happy with my job because it utilizes my brain as well as provides me the opportunity to learn and use technical skills in the audio entertainment industry. I’m not too fond of my wage, though.

2. What do you want?

I want to be debt free and to have people I love in my life while being able to maintain a mostly solitary existence.

3. Who first broke your heart?

The same person as everyone else who had a primary parent in their life, my mom.
As for in terms of love, that was a woman I dated out of high school. Her name was Anita and her last name sounded exactly like “loose.” Although the rumors were she was, she certainly wasn’t with me. I found out she kept going behind my back. Except that she wasn’t going behind my back.
You see, she behaved in ways that made me believe we were in a relationship. Everything was there except the titles. She refused to let us call what we had being boyfriend and girlfriend, yet she  wanted things to continue as they had. Too many things started to come to light, so I made the break. Only to regret it moments later.
I was so pathetic about it all, and it took me years to get over her, even when I was with the woman I came to love for the rest of my life. I often wonder if she was part of why I express cuckolded fetishism traits and want my women to fuck others or if she was just the first expression of said traits.

4. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in a relationship?

The answer I’m about to give is not the mistake I consider my biggest one. I will not endanger myself like that. What follows is just the first biggest mistake I made.
When my wife and I were first together, I told her that I refuse to stay with any woman who would require me to stop smoking weed. She accepted that and ran with it for years to justify her once-often bad habits.

5. What did you learn from you last lover/ex-significant other?

I recently got out of an extramarital relationship. (I am in a fifteen-year open marriage.) We were a great fit for each other in most every way. One of the things about me is that I’m not usually open to receive in physical ways. Gifts and acts of service are not things I’ve ever been comfortable of being on the receiving end. This woman was a huge giver. Normally, I run from that type. With her, I gave it a shot and feel it made a difference.

6. What novel has been instrumental in shaping your views at any point in your life? Why?

The most influential book I read was one of the “The Greatest ______ in the World” books. In it, a “bum” helps a man understand that Heaven and Hell exist right here on Earth and it’s your choice in which you exist. That wisdom has helped me through some of my darkest days and helped me prevent spending any unnecessary time in Hell..

7. Tell us about a favorite TV broadcast show you currently enjoy? Give us a synopsis of the show.

I watch all shows on either Netflix or Hulu. I’m currently watching “Haven.” The show is based on the Stephen King short story, “The Colorado Kid.” Agent Audrey Parker arrives in Haven, Maine, for an investigation and quickly learns that the town has a long running problem in the form of “the troubles.” Every twenty-some years, people begin to get powers that often have a negative outcome. Audrey joins Haven PD to help investigate and find a peaceful solution to each of the troubled’s issues. It is soon discovered that Audrey has assumed the identity of a real FBI agent, and that she returns with the troubles and leaves with them.

Bonus: What is your current favorite song to listen to over and over again?

“Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit

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